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  Series 4 Musicals and Operas ...  [Table of Contents]   4.2,  On the wallaby , ...

Enright, Nicholas / Papers (Aus. Defence Force Academy)


Series List and Descriptions


Series 4 Musicals and Operas ...


4.1, The Venetian twin...

4.1, The Venetian twins : a musical comedy, 1979-1996

Adaptation and lyrics by Nick Enright, music by Terence Clarke, based on the 18th century comedy by Carlo Goldoni. Two-acts, first produced by Nimrod Street Theatre for the Sydney Theatre Company, Opera House Drama Theatre, Sydney, 26 October 1979. Published by Currency Press, Sydney, 1996.

Folder 1
Research material and original annotated photocopy typescript,1979

Folder 2
Original rehearsal annotated photocopy typescript,c. 1979

Folder 3
Typescript with ms. annotations,1979

Folder 4
Photocopy of the piano score from Clarke,11/5/1982

Folder 5
Working draft for 1990 revival, annotated photocopy typescript, 83 p. and Aubrey Mellor's observation notes to John Bell, 12/3/1990

Folder 6
Revised rehearsal typescript for RQTC revival, January 1990, 84 p. (3)

Folder 7
Corrected rehearsal typescript with Stage Manager annotations, 83 p.,2/4/1990

Folder 8
 “A story of the twins” photocopy typescript draft (2), facsimile notes, manuscript notes from Nick to Terry, 6 p.,  “Kiss the villian” notes from Nick to Terry, 3 p., facsimile copies of music score with lyrics from Terry to Nick, notes for final version, photocopy typescript, casting list, STCSA 1996 revival working draft, p. 8, 9, 16, 43, 49, 50, 51, 56, 57, incomplete annotated photocopy typescript draft, STCSA/HVTCA rehearsal script, p. 31-33, 62, incomplete photocopy typescript, 1996

Folder 9
Final rehearsal typescript, STCSA/HVTA, 68 p., with note 'This script corresponds to the published text, and replaces all previous versions', 1996

Folder 10
Programs and invitations from various productions, copy of Playbill magazine,1979-1996

Folder 11

  Series 4 Musicals and Operas ...  [Table of Contents]   4.2,  On the wallaby , ...